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God has always used my oldest daughter to humble myself towards him. One example is one January, when she was a preschooler, she was roaming the house singing “Joy to the World.” When I asked myself why she was singing it, God replied to me, “Isn’t that what you are supposed to always be singing?”

A couple weeks after this, the year that we moved to North Carolina from Maryland, it was actually snowing, and she ran up and bear hugged my leg, pleading “Thank you for the snow!” When I told her that I didn’t make it snow, God did. She replied with “I know! I was saying it to God. He feels the hug because he lives in your heart.”

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There are events that we remember very vividly, and very often. There are events that we remember, after something reminds us of it. Then there are events we don’t remember at all. One of the events that I think of often, and can still see vividly in my mind, even after almost 2 1/2 years,Continue reading “Rainbows”


In life we make plans, and set expectations on how things will go. But what happens when our expectations aren’t met? You get a new job. It’s your first day. You dress the part, excitedly show up for work. Your head swimming with ideas of how your day will go. But when you get there,Continue reading “Expectations”

Peace in the Storm

Close your eyes an picture this scene: “It is a mid to late summer evening. It has been 90 degrees and unbearably humid. You see clouds roll in. They take the sky from a seemingly mid-day setting to dusk within a matter of minutes. You feel the wind pick up, circling around your body asContinue reading “Peace in the Storm”

Pain in His Plans

I love when Social Media gives you the memories of things you had posted in the past. Sometimes the post you made 2 – 3 years, or more, before hit so much differently, and more deeply than when you originally wrote them. I came across one that I had made where I quoted the bookContinue reading “Pain in His Plans”


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